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Welcome to CARE VoIP

CARE VoIP, ( Brand Name ) where mother company is CARE ACROSS LIMITED is a UK ETS telecom license carrier, offering premium voice termination, VoIP A-Z termination, wholesale voice routes, NCLI routes, A-Z routes, which was founded in 2013.Thanks to strong relationship with voice retail partners, more than 500 VoIP providers has been connected with us in the past few years. In 2016, CARE VoIP is planning to build more direct interconnections with Tier1 telecom operators over the world to carry our wholesale & retail voice traffic, including VoIP wholesale, especially for Asia, Middle East and Africa destinations. With flexible payment terms, strong finance background...

Business Generation and Beneficial Network Creation

With more than 4+ years as a player on international telecommunication markets and with a very good knowledge of its main players with whom we have forged strong partnerships, CARE VoIP Consulting supports its business partners on their domestic and international expansion.

What Can CARE VoIP Bring You?

Reduce your time to market.
 Analyze your strategic positioning in the main segments.
 Identify the potential big evolutions of the market regarding your offer.
 Find the best way to your expansion.
 Be put in touch with reliable and proven business partners.
 Build bridges with the main players of the market.
 And all of this, in the strictest of confidentialities. 

 CARE VOIP  Offer Is AS Follows :

  Analyze risks and market opportunities for you. 
 Study the possibility of integrating new models into your offer. 
 Provide concrete solutions after feasibility analysis to potential partners. 
 Conduct commercial negotiations with you (business case favorable to both partners). 
 Accompany you in setting up partnership contracts.

 CARE VOIP analyses your needs, evaluates market opportunities and identifies the best solutions for your development.